Sitemap - 2023 - Artivatic Insurtech & Healthtech - AI/GenAI/SaaS Insights

The top 10 insurance trends that will shape the industry in 2024:

The most significant health insurance trends in Industry in 2024 Pioneering the Future of Insurance and Healthcare in APAC, Middle East & Africa

The Transformative Impact of GenAI and AI on the Health Insurance Sector in India and the Middle East

Happy Diwali !

Embracing the Future: How is Pioneering Digital Transformation in Insurance

Innovating Life Insurance: Get to Know Our Expertise and Team

The Culture Imperative for High-Growth Tech Startups

Potential for Generative AI (GenAI) - A Game Changer for Health Claims

Life Insurance Transformation Use Cases

The Use of GPT/GenAI in the Insurance Sector: Future Impacts, Budgetary Planning, and Customer-Driven/Operation-Focused Use Cases

Revolutionizing Insurance Sales: Canara HSBC Life Insurance's Partnership with Artivatic.AI

AI in Product Design & Insurance: A New Age of Underwriting in India

Insurtech and Healthtech in the Middle East: A Transformational Shift

Health & Insurance Sector Landscape in Middle East Countries: Growth, Future Transformation, and Governmental Initiatives

How GenAI will Transform the Insurance Industry: A Glimpse into the Future

AUSIS: The AI-Powered Platform Revolutionizing Insurance Underwriting available at "Equarium" by Hannover Re

Transforming Life Insurance Underwriting in India: A Partnership Between Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance and

Generative AI: The next big leap in transforming life insurance operations

Technology Makes Life Insurance More Relevant

How technology is transforming the Indian insurance and health sectors

Transforming Health Claims & Patient, Provider, Payer Experience with Digital Health Claims Platform

A Revolution in Insurance Underwriting: The First Underwriting GPT of the World Life & Health Insurance [AUSIS GPT]

Building Next-Gen Financial & Medical Underwriting & Onboarding Processes for Instant Policy Issuance with AA, ABDM & Indiastack

Become ABDM | ABHA | NHCX Compliant with Artivatic's Plug-and-Play ABDM Integrations

What are the most significant trends in travel insurance?

Deadliest Heart Attacks Happen on a Monday?

Optimizing Sales and Customer Onboarding in Insurance Sector with GenAI and GPT

National Health Claims Exchange: A New Initiative to Improve Healthcare Efficiency and Transparency

Bima Sugam: A New Platform to Protect Consumers and Promote Economic Growth

The Rise of Insurtech: Reshaping the Insurance Sector in the APAC Region

Healthcare in India: Challenges, Innovations, and the Future Outlook"

Artivatic Partners with Sahmati (Account Aggregator Ecosystem | AA's) for Streamlined Financial Data Access and Enhanced Underwriting

Revolutionize Your Insurance Underwriting with AUSIS: Streamline Operations, Reduce Costs, and Enhance Decision-Making

IRDAI's Expense Management Framework Redefines the Insurance Industry: The Role of Insurtech Companies and's Support in Managing Costs

Digital Transformation in Bancassurance: Boosting Sales through Innovative Technology Integration

Integrating New-Age Technologies for Streamlining Insurance Processes: A Comprehensive Guide

How Global Insurance Companies Leverage New Age Technologies for Enhanced Operations

ALFRED AI Health Claims: Revolutionizing Health Insurance Claims Processing Globally

Non-Invasive Health Data: Transforming the Insurance Landscape

Revolutionizing Health and Life Insurance through AI Underwriting

Layak Singh, CEO of, talks about Patient Discharge Experience

Insuring India in 2040: A Vision for an Inclusive and Innovative Insurance Ecosystem

Why AUSIS & PRODX from, Outshines Competing Underwriting Systems from Reinsurance Giants?

How cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the insurance industry?

Navigating the Health Claims Landscape in India: A Comprehensive Analysis

The Impact of GPT Technology on Patients and Their Health Outcomes

Utilizing GPT-4 in Group Health Insurance: Transforming the Industry

Insurance & Health landscape in FY 2023-24 in India

Use of AI | ML, Blockchain and GPT 4 in reducing fraud in insurance

Best Insurance Products to buy in India.

Best global Health Insurtech Startups

Role of The Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY)

India's Battle with Critical Health Issues: A Call for Urgent Action

The High Cost of Healthcare in India: A Close Look at Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Artivatic and ABSLI Collaborate to Revolutionize Insurance Industry with AI-Driven Smart Underwriting Platform- AUSIS

Use of ChatGPT-4 in Health Insurance

Use of GPT-4 in Insurance Underwriting !

Benefits of use of ChatGPT4 in Insurance Sector

Insurance in Metaverse !

India Insurance Landscape: Growth, Size, Key Statistics and Future

Insurance 2030 !

Chat GPT in Insurance Automation

Benefits of Using Technology in Insurance Sector

Use of AI in Life Insurance Underwriting

Exponential Insurance. Underwriting Redefined.

Generative AI for Health Claims.

The Health Insurance Sector and ChatGPT

Use of Chat GPT in Insurance Sector.

Enable Patient to get Discharge from Hospital in 30 mins.