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Artivatic, an integral part of the D2C Consulting Group, leads in insurtech and healthcare innovation, automating the insurance lifecycle from sales to customer service. Serving carriers to TPAs, we boost efficiency and risk management, offering personalized solutions.

Artivatic is a global risk & decision-making platform that automates human decisions in insurance & healthcare to provide efficiency, transparency, risk assessment, personalization and digitization in entire lifecycle of operations.

The platform uses deep machine learning and proprietary algorithms to offer insurance & healthcare solutions like smart risk underwriting, alternative data insights, realtime personalized product offering & automated onboarding, claims automation, sales & distribution, self branch servicing, customer 360, alternative underwriting, sales intelligence, face vitals, bima sugam connector, bima vahak technology, hospital platforms, revenue cycle management, ai claims auto adjudication, fraud intelligence, patient app, OPD benefits, insights and analytics, Artivatic empowers insurance & healthcare businesses and developers to re-imagine insurance & health products for the next billion users.

We at Artivatic are constantly building low-cost, modular API infrastructure so that insurance businesses /hospitals can go live in a matter of days, not months. Artivatic is transforming legacy, traditional, complex and 'one size fits all' in to personalized, digital, instant, risk based, new age insurtech that touches human lives, understand their need, use data to provide them better, need based products instantly using technology. Artivatic aims to provide personalized insurance products based on customer goals/need under 60 seconds using data, technology and process.

Artivatic’s Some Products:

Our AI leverages deep learning and proprietary algorithms for superior analytics and decision-making, transitioning from outdated models to agile, data-driven systems.

✓ AUSIS: AI-smart underwriting for varied sectors.

✓ ALFRED HEALTH: AI health claims system with auto-adjudication. ✓ MiO: AI sales/marketing platform for BFSI and healthcare.

✓ ASPIRE Health: Automated health benefit system for the health ecosystem.

✓ NiOHealth: Comprehensive health management app with ABHA ID integration.

✓ ProdX Design: Innovative insurance product/rules design platform.

✓ INFRD API: Over 700 cloud APIs for insurance applications.

✓ INFRD ML Platform: GenAI /AI Based ML Solution and Platform

✓ ALFRED Provider: Complete HIMS system for end-to-end patient management.

Our solutions exhibit over 50% operational efficiency, 90% faster processing, 80% better fraud detection, and notable cost savings, leading to higher consumer engagement and real-time intelligence.


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From #healthcare, distribution, underwriting & Claims. Artivatic provides building blocks of next-gen #insurtech #healthtech with #ai #ml that empowers #future.