Transforming Health Claims using Data Intelligence, Risk Insights and Automation: AI Risk, Decision & Auto Adjudication Platform
Insurance sector is moving from processes to tech driven and software focused.
Customers love to buy products faster and also in personalized way. Reduce 80% data & time for form filling itself.
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Artivatic is providing support for faster claims processing for COVID for next 6 months.
Artivatic is growing team to expand to new markets, increase growth and enhance insurance products
Investment will help KFin to diversify its business and support Artivatic in venturing into the South East Asia region
Cybersecurity is critical need for new age digital businesses.
Alfred AI Health Claims - 6 Months Free for Processing Claims for COVID Claims COVID-19 is challenging to humans, businesses and impacting on mental health, finances and more. The impact can not be described just in few wor…
In remote inspection it becomes tough to have inspection and claims assessment. CARSURE by Artivatic allows AI based, Video Based Realtime Inspection, …
Underwriting is critical component in insurance sector to ensure reducing risk and providing personalized premiums and coverages.
AUSIS has processed about US $100M of premium in last 3 months using its technology with personalized way.