Sitemap - 2022 - Artivatic Insurtech & Healthtech - AI/GenAI/SaaS Insights

Tales from a 5-year-old Start-up Journey!

Importance of Unified Health Interface in the digital development of Healthcare Sector

Layak Singh, Artivatic: “with massive amounts of information shared online, the attack surface has become much wider”

How technology is helping in faster claim settlements in health insurance

Consumer- the biggest beneficiary from automation of end-to-end insurance value chain

Infographic: Video based KYC in Insurance- Trend to watch out for!

Infographic- The Future of Digital Insurance Agency

Artivatic’s Video KYC Solution- Onboarding customers & Partners Remotely

The power of IoT in Healthcare Sector

Stronger Together! Artivatic - The way forward!

Infographic- Insurance Agent Training- Road to Excellence

Life Insurance Trends for 2022 and beyond

Infographic: Insurtech 2.0- How IoT will transform the industry

Benefits of Insurance for Gig Workers

Chatbots: The Game Changer in Insurance Sector

Importance of Chatbots for insurance providers in improving the Customer Journey

Infographic- The changing scenario of Automated Healthcare Sector

Mobile Apps- The Game changer in Insurance Industry

Chatbots: New Sales Agent in Insurance Industry

Chatbots: New phenomena in improving Patient Experience

Infographic: Insurtech Startup Ecosystem in India

Robotic Process Automation powers digital Transformation in Insurance Industry

Insurance Innovation through Microservices

Podcast: How AI can streamline health insurance claims processing?

Automation: A Necessity in Healthcare’s Digital Transformation

Automating KYC extraction through AI APIs

Blockchain Adoption in Healthcare Sector

Opportunities and challenges for healthcare APIs

Impact of Blockchain on Insurance Industry

Insurtech- Digital Vision 2022

How Automation is reshaping the Insurance workforce in 2022

Top Insurtech trends to look forward to in 2022

Redefining Underwriting with Automation

Role of Insurance Agents in the AI Age

Insurance Insights: Intelligent Underwriting Workbench

REWIND 2021- Reminiscing Artivatic’s Best Moments and Achievements!