Digital transformation has changed the entire world. To stay competitive in this new business and economic environment, leaders of different sectors have realized the importance of using open application programming (APIs) to expand the reach of their organizations.
Supercharge your sales, team to focus more on customer engagement & ROI.
Digitization has helped India's insurance sector to register a 17% growth in April-May this year compared to 9% in the 2020-21 FY.
Dr. Abhijeet speaks about Artivatic and its Future for Insurance with IIA Listen now (20 min) | Dr. Abhijeet is Chief Business Officer at Artivatic, that is solving legacy insurance solutions using technology.
Modernizing API Infrastructure for Insurance. Insurance & Healthcare APIs for all your needs. 400+ APIs Available for building next-gen insurtech.
Transforming Health Claims using Data Intelligence, Risk Insights and Automation: AI Risk, Decision & Auto Adjudication Platform
Insurance sector is moving from processes to tech driven and software focused.
Customers love to buy products faster and also in personalized way. Reduce 80% data & time for form filling itself.
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