We are building Team @Artivatic ! Hiring.

Artivatic is hiring for various roles in engineering, sales, product, marketing, content, design and more.

Artivatic.ai is an Insurtech & Healthtech company started in late 2017 with a vision of disrupting insurance value chain, to provide personalized, risk based and in real time customized insurance products to billions using technology. Technology that changes customers behaviours, disrupts the business operations, enhances experience in 360 way.

Artivatic has two broad missions to help the insurance ecosystem:

  • For Customer: Personalized, Need Based, Micro/Sachet, Realtime Insurance & Health Products with self service process, customized and more.

  • For Business: Unified, API & Data Driven connected insurance operations & lifecycle ecosystems with smart underwriting, embedded insurance, risk & fraud intelligence, operations automation, data driven sales & distribution, automated claims process and more.

Artivatic is growing & Building:

  • 30% MoM in revenue & clients

  • Expanding its product portfolio and geographical footprints

  • Strengthening its data intelligence process, and decisions systems

  • Building self-service SaaS products for insurance & healthcare

To strengthen Artivatic we are looking for passionate Team members in various roles:

  • Engineering Roles

- Backend Engineer (Python/Django/JSON/DB)

- Frontend Engineer (Angular 8 /+, REST/JSON)

- Computer Vision Engineer (Python/Django/JSON/TensorFlow/Image Recognition/Deep Learning/OCR/ICR/API)

- NLP/Speech Engineer (Python/Django/JSON/NLP/Speech/Multilingual)

- AI/ML Engineer (Python/Django/JSON/Tensorflow/Neural Network/Deep Learning)

- Devops /Cloud Engineer (Python/Django/JSON/AWS/DB/Security/Cloud)

- Head of Engineering (Python/Django/JSON/DB/Architect/TensorFlow/Neural Network/Deep Learning)

  • Sales/Customer Roles

- Customer Success Manager [B2B Client relationships/account managing/increase revenue etc.]

- Business Analyst [Requirements gathering, BRD, Analysis ]

  • Product Roles

- Product Manager Underwriting & Claims [Life & Health Insurance]

- Product Manager API Platform, xTractor & Website

- Product Manager Auto & Property [Underwriting & Claims]

- Product Manager Health Systems /ASPIRE [Hospital/Network]

  • Data & Research Roles

- Data Analyst [Collecting data, cleaning and analysis]

  • Content & Marketing Roles

- Marketing & Sales Content Writer

- API Documentation/Technical Content Writer

- Product Marketing [B2B Sales/Marketing pitches, newsletter, social media, blog, product video, communication, webinar etc.]

  • Principal Roles

- Actuary Head [ Pricing, rules etc.]

  • Operations/Project Roles

- Project Mangers [ Managing projects, team collaboration, monitoring, etc.]


  • Health & Accidental Insurance Covered

  • WFH & Flexible working

  • Shared Space Availability to multi-locations for work

  • Challenging and Innovation culture

Website: https://www.artivatic.ai/


  • Send your resume to hr@artivatic.ai with your past works, github link [for tech profiles]