Press Release | NMC Genetics Partners with Artivatic to build innovative solutions for insurance and preventive healthcare.

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NMC Genetics Partners with Artivatic to build innovative solutions for insurance and preventive healthcare

Bengaluru, Karnataka (May 21, 2020) – [ARTIVATIC DATA LABS PRIVATE LIMITED], the owner of [ARTIVATIC INSURTECH /], is pleased to announce today that Artivatic has joined hands with NMC Genetics ( to build innovative solutions for insurance and health sector to provide preventive healthcare, wellness, risk underwriting with the combination of Genomics, AI & Data Analytics.

Govind Adireddi, CEO of NMC Genetics said for this partnership as, “We are excited to partner with Artivatic. Solutions from Artivatic are very complementary to the genetic tests provided by NMC Genetics. The data analytics and AI platform from Artivatic drastically improves the solutions for preventive healthcare. The combination of AI with advanced genomics is what needed to detect conditions early which means we can do something to prevent or manage better the conditions before they happen.

Most of us ask these questions to themselves, am I at risk of any cardio problems, will I get diabetes, I gain weight even when I am eating so less, confused whether the weight gain is because of fats or carbs, struggling to choose the right combination of supplements? Are you intolerant to gluten? Are you prone to injury and pigmentation? Still figuring out how to tackle such issues? A simple saliva-based test to extract your DNA can answer to the above questions.

Genetics has advanced so much that no one can now sequence all 3.2 billion bases of DNA. DNA sequencing has advanced in ways to identify individual genetic mutations, it is now possible to know what is happening in your body before health conditions develop and also know how a person metabolizes vitamins, minerals and medicines. This means that we can do something to prevent or manage better these conditions before they happen. For example, Vit D deficiency even after consuming a balanced diet. Certain mutations in the genes can reduce the efficiency to produce the important enzymes which help to create Vit D. Knowing this will help individuals and practitioners to identify which food and quantity will help maintain the Vit D levels. This information also helps in choosing the right supplements. Specific variations in gene MTHFR lead to high homocysteine levels and low metabolism of folate in the body. Individuals with these specific mutations in MTHFR need methyl folate supplement because their bodies cannot convert folates to methyl folate. If folate breakdown does not happen then it leads to higher homocysteine levels which in turn leads to atherosclerotic vascular diseases or thrombosis. With Artivatic we can build next-gen health-related products that impacts millions and also help them provide right insurance based on their needs”

Layak Singh, Founder & CEO of Artivatic said for this partnership “Artivatic is happy to join hands with NMC Genetics as a strategic partner. NMC Genetics as a part of NMC Healthcare has strong footprints in healthcare for a long time. This partnership brings a strong focus on healthcare with decades of expertise, technology, and advance genomics solutions from NMC Genetics. Artivatic and NMC Genetics will both build innovative healthcare, wellness, and insurance solutions that can impact millions. Artivatic’s strong expertise, experience in the insurance sector to provide technology, solutions, for distribution, sales, underwriting, claims, new product development, micro insurance, health risk assessment will also enable to launch unique, customize products that enhance human life with preventive healthcare, wellness support, DNA testing, complex disease management to prevent before that can occur.

As you know, during COVID-19 many people are going under stress due to loss of jobs, fear of protection, fear of health, staying at home, etc. This partnership will bring to build more focused healthcare, wellness and insurance products that can go deeper and understand human life. We together will build solutions that will help insurance businesses to provide wellness, preventive healthcare, and testing at affordable cost and in a seamless way. In the coming time, we will also provide family care with the right health & insurance products based on their need to maximize the benefits & support.

A combination of AI Technology, data, and genomics will do wonder for healthcare & insurance and this is why this partnership is important during this crucial time. We look forward to this amazing and new journey to work together.

About NMC Genetics

NMC genetics [Part of NMC Healthcare, The largest private healthcare in the Middle East] is a genomics company with a focus on wellness and preventive health. NMC Genetics brings precision medicine and wellness genetic testing to improve the quality of patient care and bringing new standards in preventive healthcare. All the tests are conducted at the state-of-the-art genomics facility. The team consists of highly skilled and experienced PhDs and postdocs who are computational and molecular biologists. We follow the highest standards for sequencing, QC methods, and reporting as per FDA, CPIC, and ACMG guidelines. Illumina is the platform that is used for DNA sequencing which is the benchmark in the genomics industry.

We are at present providing wellness genetics test solutions to corporates, wellness clinics, hospitals, fitness centers both in India and abroad.

About Artivatic

Artivatic is leading Insurtech platform out of India that providing full-stack technology solutions that touch the entire lifecycle of Insurance with an aim to enable insurance access to millions by way of digital processes, individual risk assessment, dynamic & behavioral smart underwriting, claims automation, micro insurance, risk & fraud assessment. Artivatic’s full-stack platform uses its proprietary algorithms, solutions with 100+APIs in its core, and 10+ core insurance solutions. Artivatic brings precision, efficiency, digitization with reducing cost, risk to transform legacy insurance businesses to adopt new technologies, processes, solutions that enhance customer experience, process efficiency, personal level care, digital solutions, new product development capabilities, providing affordable premium, need-based insurance protection and instant claims settlement. Artivatic started in 2017 at Bangalore by LAYAK SINGH & PUNEET TANDON and works with top Indian & global insurance companies and partners for health insurance, life insurance & general insurance sectors & TPAs.

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