MiO Sales - Enabling Next-Gen AI Sales Engine for Insurance & Distributors

Sales and distribution are the key in Insurance sector. Artivatic changing the way new businesses are captured, connected and guided for better experience.

Buying insurance seems like a painful journey and it becomes more painful when insurance businesses like carriers, brokers, distributors all find it difficult to find new customers, engage with them and finally enable with with right product need.

It has been known fact that about 2-4% are general conversion seen in Insurance sector. Sales teams find it difficult to reach out to customers and work with them closely to support their needs. Using multiple systems to manage entire sales journey is complex.

In this digital world, most of important part is technology but technology only can not solve the problems, it needs technology as enabler to solve the needs. Artivatic has been working for almost 3 years in insurance sector providing need based smart solutions such as smart AI underwriting, Alternative Underwriting, Automated claims, Risk & Decision intelligence, document processing and many more.

Learning with these products and solutions while working with many large insurance businesses, Artivatic is now launching MiO Sales Platform [Web & Mobile] to enable smarter sales process and intelligence that allows to connect, engage with customers directly.

MiO Sales is built with empathy, need and with use of data driven insights. MiO Provides next-gen insurance sales platform with:

  • Prospecting and Capturing Leads:

  • In-built webinar/meetings and onboarding

  • Lead profiling & scoring

  • Managing partners /FLS/Sales team

  • Location based intelligent for partners/sales team /FLS

  • Manage customers, understand their behaviours

  • Real-time communication, video and calling

  • Recording, sharing and collaboration

  • Automated Onboarding Process

  • Training and Learning Systems

  • Quote Management

  • Sales Insights, performance and dashboard

  • Individual sales team performance

  • Product wise insights

  • Recommendation and Activities

  • Customer, Location wise insights

  • Location Navigation and more

MiO is next-gen insurance sales and distribution platform to allow business for:

  • Improving customer experience

  • Enhancing sales process

  • Better insights and performance

  • Reducing cost

  • Increase revenue

  • Automated Operations

Lets build together smart sales engine to delight customers and increase revenue.

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Interested to know more, write to layak@artivatic.ai or call at +91 9557162244

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Increase Sales. Digital Process. Delight Customers.

Artivatic is on a mission to re-build insurance to new age population and needs.

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