IRDA Allows Insures to Accept Video KYC

Hello from Artivatic,

As we all are going through tough times and WFH and remote working is becoming new normal. In recent times, it is difficult to align everything on remote, especially when most of the workforce is offline. IRDA have come out out with new notification for Video KYC to enable customer acquisition better & remotely.

VBIP-Video KYC Circular-VBIP Circular 20200918Download

About Artivatic: Artivatic is an Insurtech Platform that provides end to end solutions for distribution, sales, underwriting, claims, risk & fraud, document reading & extraction, alternative scoring, video based analysis, PIVC, Video KYC and more. 200+ Comprehensive APIs and 10+ insurance core platforms for digital & new insurance.

Video KYC is one of the needs as per IRDAI now to enable video sales, video customer onboarding.

Ativatic's Video KYC Platform enables:

Video KYC - Facetrack by Artivatic

  • Aadhar/DL/PAN/Aadhar/Passport based video verification

  • Face matching, face analysis and face behaviour

  • Govt. API verification on video KYC

  • Location & Geo-Tagging

  • Instant Verification & Alert

  • Invite & Send, Track

  • APIs & SDK for integration with current processes

  • Consent Verification

This will help in reducing cost, enabling more sales, empowering efficiencies, helping better communication and discussions, customer connect and selling and more.

Visit Video KYC:

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