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Using multiple systems and old processes troubles in Insurance! Enabling processes with data driven insights in unified manner helps improving efficiency, reducing cost and scaling.As someone said, plumbing and painting to old building does not sustain for long. Similar applies to businesses, systems and processes, instead of adding new layer to old systems which will increase cost, time and efforts focus on building new-age processes in unified way for more sustainable, cost effectiveness and efficient way.Let's Get StartedUse Digital tools for Covid-19 pandemic.Don't let your business impact. Use video based automated sales, leads, on-boarding, PIVC, TeleMER tools integrated with intelligent insights, processes. Enable your PoS, Agents, Branches to function remotely. Read More Digitise your complex documentsUse API driven OCR/ICR platform to build next-gen automated process for document classification, document extraction, document matching and document based form filling. Read More Artivatic's Darvin is 360 Health Platform connecting Patient, Provider and Payer and enabling launching new products, claims, health risk assessment, OPD benefits, Health cards and more.Core Insurance Underwriting that drives growth Start assessing risks for each individuals and provide need based insurance underwriting in personalised way. Uses environmental, social, video, images, location, activities, historical data to build dynamic premium prices, risk scoring, credibility analysis, fraud analysis, predictive decisions. Know More Get a demoMiO for your Frontend Operations to handle remotely.Enable your agents, brokers, branches & pos with smart digital branch platform for generating leads, leads scoring, product recommendation, video assist- on-boarding, payments, renewals, filing claims, training, marketing, video communication, chat, product sharing, screen sharing & recording using one single App. Know More Get a demoCatching Early Claims using AI Data driven insights, learning and patterns helps in catching early claims more effectively than using certain rules. Using AI powered platform to detect early claims and reduce claims loss. Know More Get a demoAutomated Claims Process for Life & Health Insurance End to end self-claims process using OCR, ICR, AI,ML & Data to enable automated claims systems starting from filing claims to building profiling, risk, fraud, assessment and payout settlement. Know More Get a demoMiO-Self- A Platform to allow branches to become digital self-service platform. MiO-Self allows customers, agents to have self-servicing remotely in efficient & digital manner in real-time. PRODX- A digital, new-age & innovate product creation platform for byte-sized, micro, stackable, regular, pay as you go and more. Launch combine products. Risk based Insurance Products. Create health cards, OPD Benefits, build health network, and more.Meet our Partners Happy to help and co-innovate together.Please get in touch with us at Here for demo and build-next-gen insurtech solutions that meets business & customer needs.