AI & Browser Driven Real-time Motor Pre Inspection & Damage Assessment : CARSURE

In remote inspection it becomes tough to have inspection and claims assessment. CARSURE by Artivatic allows AI based, Video Based Realtime Inspection, damage assessment, estimation and automation.

Insurance as known as operational focused industry that allows >70% of manual or repetitive tasks. This leads to:

  • Inefficiency

  • High Costs

  • Increase in Time

  • Increase in Risk

  • Increase in customer dissatisfaction

Customer gets loyal and also trust to the insurance if their renewals and claims become personalized, efficient and digital.

In Motor Insurance Industry, the most critical part is to allow customers to have self-claims journey or during renewal to have pre-inspection if needed to enable for smoother journey.

There are basic but most critical challenges Insurance businesses face:

Policy Renewal after Expiry Date: After Policy gets expire, it is important to assess the risk of the vehicle/motor before renewing the motor insurance policy. This exercise becomes inefficient and increases cost, time and efforts. The reason surveyor need to visit location and get all details.

Claims Estimation & Settlement: Customer filing claims vis surveyor or by visiting service branch always takes time and customer dissatisfaction increases. This results in loss of about 30% customers to switch insurance policies.

AI Based Solution to automate pre-risk inspection and claims estimation : CARSURE

CARSURE Platform allows to you have both pre-inspection and post inspection claims process in real-time to save time, cost and increase in efficiency.

CARSURE Provides In-built solutions and process for pre-inspection and claims estimation.

Pre-Inspection: A simple browser based system without downloading of any app or registration, the solution provides full-stack platform with:

  • Browser Based:The system allows to have remote pre-inspection using browser only. No need to download mobile app.

  • Invite & Connect:Send invite to user on message, SMS, Whatsapp or email and get connected.

  • Streaming & Recording: Stream Realtime video of vehicle or take images or take 360 video recording and allow the system to create pre-risk inspection report.

  • Automated Inspection and Reporting: The system allows to have real-time vehicle parts damage detection using browser and creating pre-inspection report.

Claims Damage Assessment & Estimation: Automate Vehicle Inspections and Claims Assessment using AI.

  • CARSURE Auto Claims provide end to end platform to detect damages in real-time using photo or video or via guided mobile tools with final price estimation. Eliminating the needs of physical inspection.

  • Vehicle Damage Assessment: AI Based Mobile & Web Platform for Vehicle damage detection using Video & Photo under 60 seconds.

  • Claims Price Estimation: Using ML, Loss estimation for vehicle damages using historical learning and vendor, parts, vehicle based.

  • Service Invoice Processing :Using OCR/ICR, Automating QC for Service Invoices and proceed for quick payout to customers.

  • Fraud DetectionDetect fraudulent inspections, including old damages, missing parts, blurry and low light photos or videos.

  • Self Training: Automated Damage, Parts Labelling Platform to train and provide accurate results in terms of claims & price estimation.

Carsure Product Demo:

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