MiO Sales: Accelerating Sales, Lead Conversion & Distribution using AI

COVID-19 Has accelerated the need for digital platforms and use of AI for increasing sales, conversion and ROI

COVID-19 has changed the way we do business, interact with customers and how our field sales team bring more customers. Insurance companies due to their >70% of operations for sales offline, finds difficult to generate same pace in business as used to pre-COVID19 era.

This change has impacted on entire sales, distribution process for insurance businesses . The new way of dealing with customers requires innovative tools, journeys, process, technologies that makes the life of sales people as well as of customers easier, personalized and smooth.

Artivatic always working towards changing insurance infrastructure, decision making process, customer interactions, digital operations [branch/travel/people], internal operations, underwriting, claims and more.

Lets Talk About MiO

Artivatic’s MiO Platform provides next-gen digital sales, branch operations and customer lead conversion solution end to end. MiO is multi-dimensional unified platform for sales, marketing, agent, customer, branch, communication and lead management.

MiO Sales Allows platform for insurance companies for unique, dynamic and AI based sales engine.

MiO Sales provides next-gen sales, communication, lead management, AI based lead scoring & conversion for improving product sales, higher revenue and business outcomes.

Some of the unique features of the MiO Sales Applications are:

  • Agent/partner/lead capturing and prospecting

  • Automated lead scoring and AI Based conversion for higher ROI

  • Behaviours Profiling and use of 3rd parties data to predict better insights

  • Recommended process and next best-action items to be taken care

  • Video/Audio based communication system

  • Inbuilt Whatsapp/social media communication system

  • Screen share, video based on-boarding, automated on-boarding, recording and more

  • Role management, insights and dashboard

  • Under Insurance or Insights in Gap Insurance

  • In-built content creation & sharing [text, video, documents, emails etc.]

  • In-built training, quote, commission management

  • Campaigns, advertising, and lead capture from various platforms

  • Performance analysis, KPIs and digital insights

Some critical benefits businesses can have using MiO Sales system:

  • Reducing TAT up to 45%

  • Automated capturing, filtering, segmentation, analysis and prospecting up to 60%

  • Lead analysis, lead profiling, lead scoring, data enrichment up to 80%

  • Increasing conversion for leads up to 65% using AI based decision systems

  • Behavioural profiling improving sales engagement up to 30%

  • Dynamic, personalized and fully digital process, systems

  • No need for physical operations, meet, branch/office

  • Saving $$$$$$$ for operations cost

  • Increasing ROI & Revenue for new business

MiO Sales Product [System Overview]

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