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MiO – Video Branch & App for PoS, Policy, Payment, Sales & On-Boarding

MiO is all in one platform for PoS, Insurance policy on-boarding, marketing, policy payments, policy issuance, lead generation, lead scoring, renewals, customer support and claims processing. MiO FOR INSURANCE BRANCHES, AGENTS, POS & BROKERS. In-Person to Digital. Video Call. Leads. Policy On-boarding & Issuance. Sales & Marketing. Payments & Renewals. Claims. All Digital. All-in-one, AI […]

Insurance Agents needs re-skilling & new techs to learn for survival.

Due to COVID-19, all 2.27 Million of Insurance Agents are suffering their end meals as unable to meet their targets and hence their earning is impacting.Individual agents usually visit customer homes or offices to sell insurance policies. Coronavirus has changed that scenario and e-sales is becoming the new normal, raising concerns about the future of […]

How Insurance Agent are struggling with Sales & Payment due to COVID-19?

Insurance agents mostly visit offices or homes to customers in person in order to sell policies pre-COVID-19. More than 90% businesses are depedent for offline or push based sales. e-Sales, Digital Sales are increasing and it is causing the concern for most of agents on the ground. The life insurance industry had a total of […]

AI Based Smart Digital Branch /Office Platform — MiO By Artivatic

As we all are going through tough times and WFH and remote working is becoming new normal. In recent times, it is difficult to align everything on remote, especially when most of the workforce is offline.

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